Almdudler is an Austrian national drink created in 1957 when Erwin Klein made the first series of the famous Almdudler bottle.

People have enjoyed Almdudler for more than 60 years. It is made by the original recipe, and served in a distinctive original glass bottle featuring a picture of a couple wearing traditional Austrian costume (Trachten). It embodies the alpine way of life: cheerful and relaxed. Almdudler is an Austrian family company whose motto is unity, loyalty and partnership.

CONTAINS: selected alpine herbs, spring mineral water and natural sugar.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: additional preservatives, additional flavouring, caffeine or taurine.


  • an unquestionably refreshing, healthy choice.
  • a thirst-quenching taste with the revitalizing compounds of alpine plants and carbonated spring water.
  • a unique, not overly sweet flavour – contains tasty herbs

Brand Values


1. At the centre of life

Treasuring life’s moments is something we should be aware of at all times. Almdudler brings people together whether they are at home, at a restaurant or in an Alpine cottage.


2. Naturally authentic

As a family business and brand with an Alpine background, we stay true to our roots. The unique taste of Almdudler extracted from natural Alpine herbs has been an irrefutable proof of our authenticity since 1957. We are anything, but boring.

3. Not what you expect

If you’re different, you’re not what people expect. It’s a mindset full of surprises and comes with a wink. An attitude that changes every day and makes you unique.

And that makes us anything but boring.  And most certainly not what you expect from an Alpine herbal soft drink.


Logistic data

Package: 24 bottles in carton
Pallet: 70 cartons

almdudler-logistika-02REGULAR 0,5 L
Package: 12 bottles in carton
Pallet: 108 cartons

almdudler-logistika-03REGULAR 1,5 L
Package: 4 bottles in carton
Pallet: 96 cartons