Fine dishes made from controlled-grown vegetables

Deroni dishes are delicious vegetable products created in a completely rounded production cycle. Traditional recipes, which gave birth to the idea of creating vegetable dishes for the wide audience, are the key to the Deroni brend. From 1991, when the company has started commercial production until now, three factories have been built with 14 product lines for a wide range of products.

Certificates that guarantee high quality

Deroni factories are certified to European standards which guarantee high quality products:

  • ISO 9001 (quality management system – 2015)
  • ISO 22000 (Quality Management System and Food Safety – 2005)
  • IFS Certified – International Food Standard

Deroni products

Wonderful to taste and good for you!

It all starts with seedlings growing from seeds. A lot of sun, humid soil and traditional approach to gardening provide delicious and healthy vegetables for the finest products.

Several hundred different products create total range of Deroni, but on the Adriatic market there are a small number of specially selected ones.

Pizza & Pasta Sauce, Barbecue Sauce With Mushrooms, Chilli Sauce, Mushroom Sauce

Barbecue Sauce Classic, Sweet & Piquant, Sweet & Sour, Grill Sauce

Sauces for Pasta With Basil, Mushroom and Tomato

Sauces for pasta Kulinaria

Sweet Pepper Sauce, Sugar Free Tomato Sauce, Pomodoro Sauce, Sauce Arrabbiata, Sauce Spice & Chili

White Sauces and Balsamico

Garlic Sauce, Tartar Sauce, Mustard Sauce and Balsamico Sauce

Soy Sauce Classic and Premium, Chilli Sauce

Bruschette Peperonata, Alla Siciliana, Melanzane, Vegetable

Pesto of Four Types of Vegetables, Pesto Tomato, Pesto Peppers

A Vegetable Spread, Roughly Ground, Finely Ground and Spicy

Tomato Concentrate and Tomato Concentrate for Cooking

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