Gin Sul is the only gin from Hamburg, Germany, with roots in Portugal – strong proof of our love for this beautiful country at the south-western tip of Europe. Simple and fresh, fine botanicals, careful distillation in very small batches and subtle hints of Mediterranean citrus, characterise our exclusive dry gin. Juniper berries, coriander, fresh lemons from Portugal, rosemary, peppers, lavender, cinnamon and gum rockrose (Cistus Ladanifer) are just some of the ingredients which capture the saudade in Gin Sul.

Gin Sul is filled by hand into distinctive white bottles. These are made from stoneware, then glazed and screen printed. The forebear of gin, jenever, was almost always filled into such jugs, as the thick ceramic walls protected the spirit’s subtle flavours from light and changes in temperature.


En route to the “spirit pipe“, all the alcohol vapour must battle its way through what is known as an anisateur: a spirit tray, which in our bespoke distillation process, is filled with fresh lemon peel, rosemary and rose petals. The cold, clear and soft water from the Lüneburg Heath region, south of Hamburg, is blended with GIN SUL distillate in the Altona Spirit Factory to bring it to 43% strength. Thirty-three wells, bored to a depth of up to 326 metres, supply water from the shingle of the Saalian Ice Age and the lignite sands below. Creating the ideal source of water for Gin Sul.



At the Altona Spirit Factory, Gin Sul is produced by hand, with great care and attention to detail, by Hamburg’s only gin DISTILLERY. Gin Sul’s roots, however, lie almost 3,000 km to the South: on the wild Costa Vicentina in south-west Portugal.

They deliberately take time distilling the gin, in very small batches, so as to give the flavours room to develop.


The fragrant aromas from Setúbal to Sagres lies between honey and eucalyptus, and it’s the cistus grown on the barren terrain of the steep cliffs along the Costa Vicentina – typically alongside lush juniper bushes – that we capture in Gin Sul.

‘Simple is beautiful’ is our philosophy, especially with the superb organic junipers or the fresh rosemary, which go into GIN SUL. And one ingredient makes it even more special: the gum rockrose.

Logistic data

GIN SUL 0,50 LPackage : 6 bottles
Palette:  114 packages


„ … and now it’s only the taste that has to convince us. And it certainly does. Your sense of smell is immediately aroused by juniper, followed directly by the herbal aromas of rosemary and eucalyptus. A subtle sweetness resonates, promising a mild taste. The gin starts off velvety and dry on your palate, then exhibits its light spices and ends in a prolonged finish. The flavours come together wonderfully. While Gin Sul is also ideally suited for drinking neat, this is an outstanding gin for a very dry Martini or Gin & Tonic.” Mixology

You’ll find Gin Sul in good bars, restaurants, leading hotels and select retail outlets in Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and recently in Croatia.

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