Copperhead Gin

Copperhead puts the alchemist history of Gin back in the spotlight. For centuries, the alchemists were searching for the elixir that would provide the eternal life. The medicinal effect of the juniper berries, the basis of every gin, has been known since the dawn of time. Copperhead is made in authentic copper stills. Every distillation process is executed with passion and a high level of expertise. In the first distillation, Copperhead organic botanicals are heated, releasing their complex signature aromas. Forty per cent gin has a signature juniper dominant taste with a citrusy hint, which makes for soft and subtle gin.

Aperitivum, digestivum or energeticum?

Copperhead Gin further supports the alchemist’s story with three blends created by Yvan Vindevogel, a pharmacist, who used his knowledge in the field of medicine and food supplements. The blends are a mixture of plants and fruit extracts giving functional and aromatic effect to G&T. By adding only 4 drops, you get an exceptional functional effect: aperitivum, digestivum or energeticum. You become your own alchemist!


Alchemist gin

During the summer of 2013, an article describing the fascinating story of gin intrigued Yvan Vindevogel, enthusiastic pharmacist. Inspired by the medicinal history of that potion and consequently, its connection to his profession, he set out to create not just a regular gin and tonic, but also the one where you could be your own alchemist. Against the current trend, Copperhead did not want to create a new western dry gin, but rather attempted to concoct the best London Dry, bringing gin back to its roots. For months, a compilation of different ingredients grew in order to create Copperhead gin, and various batches were made in search of the perfect balance. Finally, it came down to a selection of five ingredients: juniper berries, cardamom, angelica, coriander seeds and orange peel.

Premium brend

Copperhead proudly wears the title of a super-premium brand. We opt only for the best quality when selecting the botanicals to create London Dry style gin.
Our bottles also have another benefit. When a special team was appointed to design the Copperhead bottle, they worked for months on merging various historical elements in the bottle’s visual appearance, and came up with a dazzling design as a result.

Listings Copperhead is very proud of:

1°) The Gibson (London) (top 50 bars of the world)
2°) The Nightjar (London) (top 50 bars of the world)
3°) The Dorchester in London ***** hotel
4°) The Connaught in London ***** hotel
5°) Hemingway’s, Wimbledon
6°) Dubai Airport
7°) The Great Gatsby Theatre in London
8°) The Ritz Paris

Perfect serve

Commercial serve:
Tonic: Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic Water
Botanicals: orange zest (or grapefruit) & a coriander leaf

Upper serve with blend:
Tonic: Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon
Botanicals: Orange zest + sechuan cress
Tonic: Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon
Botanicals: Ginger & orange peel
Tonic: Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic Water
Botanicals: Lemon zest + dried cranberry

Logistic data


Package: 6 bottles
Palette: 114 packages