Born in Mediterranean where the fields of lemon are a constant reminder of the natural richness of this part of the World. Made from unique recipe, refreshing, yet enough sweet. Soft drink that brings you full & fresh citrus taste, made without artificial colors or preservatives. The essence of Limona is lemon, lime with real fruit pulp. Mixed together they give an incredible taste. Dive into the Mediterranean freshness with Limona – bottle full of Mediterranean, from now on in redesigned bottle & with new flavours!

Limona elder is non sparkling version of original Limona with elder taste. Elders gentle & sweet taste rounded with fruit pulp for pleasant summer morning.Ideal for enjoying in the morning with coffee.

Limona mint is original Limona with mint taste. Freezing mint in combination with lemon & lime pulp calls for summer & refreshment! Ideal for mixability!


Choose your bottle full of Mediterranean & enjoy with Limona!