Obala Grupa presented Limona, Spezi i Orangina at Anuga 2019

With a hundred years of tradition, the Anuga Fair in Cologne, Germany, has become the leading and the largest one in the world when it comes to innovation and visionary concepts in the field of food and beverages. From 5th to 9th of October 2019, more than 170,000 visitors visited 7 590 exhibitors from 106 countries. The great potential of the largest food and beverage fair in the world has also been recognized by Obala Grupa, which has independently taken part in this major event for the second time in a row.

The brand Limona, which is slowly but surely building its international path, has been introduced through a range of products based on four unique flavors. A bottle full of the Mediterranean, as they call Limona, provided a touch of Mediterranean relaxation to visitors who had the opportunity to taste the products and see for themselves the quality and concept of the brand.

Spezi, which Obala Grupa produces and distributes under license, has shown a new and refreshed face. The storytelling packaging and the delicious blend of cola and juicy orange attracted many old and new faces. The story of friendship and having a good time laid the groundwork for many future partnerships that will help Spezi continue its mission of good fun, humor and friendship in overseas markets.

Orangina, a world-renowned brand, has once again turned the story around, showing how her amazing recipe with pulp and slightly carbonated orange juice is a bait for many people. Refreshments and positive vibes associated with this brand quickly spread through the fair, bringing many business partners and friends to the booth of Obala grupa, designed as a sweet Mediterranean oasis.

While still gathering impressions from Anuga 2019, export and marketing teams of Obala Grupa confirmed their participation at SIAL Paris 2020, which will be held October 18th to 22nd, 2020 in France. Continuous development, dedication and quality products are the guiding principles by which Obala Grupa continues to build its export path and quality partnerships.

Packaged food – a new segment in the business of Obala Group

Through exactly one quarter of a century, Obala Group has positioned itself as a recognizable importer, distributor and beverage producer, focusing on premium and mid-premium products. Brands like Orangina, Spezi, San Pellegrino, Moet Hennessy, Campari, Rockstar, Franklin & Sons and our own brand Limona are just a small part of the history that has contributed to our rich experience.

The experience, built through 25 years of strategic orientation, has opened up new opportunities that have led to expansion of business to a new segment within the FMCG industry – packaged food.

We select packaged food products based on the price sensitivity of the market and increasing consumer demands for quality. Brands like RUF, Deroni, Hosta, Nippon, Inserdorfer and Burger are just the first step in satisfying the clear demands of the market.

High quality German sweets and preparations for desserts at affordable prices make the core of RUF.

Deroni puts the focus on fine vegetable preparations that are made by traditional recipes of vegetables grown in their own gardens.

Burger line of crackers and toasts brings together products that emphasize the naturalness and care of nutritional habits.

Inserdorfer’s finished and semi-finished dishes are a quick response to life when time is crucial, but not at the cost of quality of everyday dining.

Hosta products (Nippon, Mr. Tom, Mr. Jim …) with peanuts or rice and chocolate are recognizable desserts with a long tradition and a large base of loyal consumers.

Save The Seat For Spezi – a New Friend at Your Table!

Can you think of at least one friend who is always in a good mood and enough (un)serious to not take life too seriously? The thought itself had already made you smile, right? With them, the most common social gathering like barbecuing or drinks after the work becomes memorable moment for years.

This is exactly where inspiration for Spezi is born, a favorite drink of our relatives and friends from Germany. You may have heard about the mixture of cola and orange juice, but the Spezi by the original German recipe is a lot more than what we lacked in the absence of the “right thing. Juicy orange and refreshing cola are a seemingly incompatible refreshing sensation! Behind the Spezi stands Obala Group, which has the exclusive licence to produce and distribute Spezi in the Adriatic region.

Spezi in PET packagings of 0,5 L and 1,5 L gives honour to friendship, joy, and everyday little things. Collage on the Spezi packaging is a reminder of how important it is to have a “friend for life”, but more importantly, to be a friend for life! Spezi, whose start is back in 1956, wants to be a part of your team, so – save one more place at your table!

Spezi is also available in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops in an enlarged (XL) 0.33 litre glass bottle. Three variations of the design show moments that will make you smile. So, the next time you see Spezi with a slogan “A Friend for Life” at a store or cafe shop, call your best friends and share Spezi-al experience with them!

G’Vine – premium gin is becoming a part of the Obala Group assortment

G’Vine is the original French gin crafted from grapes. This unique gin will surprise both connoisseurs and those new to gin. Authentic celebration of the unconventional, G’Vine inspires those who dare and innovate and truly embodies the creativity and the modern French art de vivre.

Just 10 years after its launch in 2006, it became the world’s third super-premium gin. A multiple international competition prize-winner, G’Vine is a forerunner of the rise of premium gin in the 21st century. Such quality and recognition stem from the use of grapes, which provide a smooth and full mouth feel, along with delicate and fresh grape flowers. This combination makes G’Vine resolutely modern and seductive, and it is now considered the epitome of elegance in the gin world.


Obala Group meets Paris at the international food exhibition – SIAL 2018.

On 21-25 October 2018, Paris will be the center of the world food industry – the capital of France is host of the largest international food exhibition – SIAL 2018.

More than 7,000 exhibitors from 105 countries will present their products (a wide range of ingredients, beverages, processed products, including fresh products). Also, this exhibition is the place where visitors can find new innovative products as well as the latest global gastronomic trends. For all the professionals who are involved in production and distribution of food and beverages, SIAL gives inspiration and insight into the newest trends. Through culinary demonstrations and cooking lessons with the international chefs, visitors can discover the culinary techniques and numerous conferences and round tables allow participants to meet exhibitors and their products. The special focus is on the new products in the beverage segment so Obala Group will also participate with its products led by refreshing Limona with 4 flavours. With the recent launch in PET packaging of 0.5l and 1.5l, Limona is available in all sales channels. All curious visitors can meet us in hall 5c at stand G 191, in our Mediterranean oasis where they will be able to taste Limona, meet our management and employees as well as discuss new business opportunities.


Obala Group – the exclusive distributor for Höllinger in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro

Höllinger is the Austrian market leader  of the NFC („Never From Concentrate“) juices with the experience in juice production since 1998. During two decades, company and product range have grown considerably thanks to fundamental values on which Höllinger was built. That is the main reason why Obala Group is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Höllinger products in Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.
Simple and delicious recipes and unprocessed raw materials put Höllinger  in the range of high quality BIO products.

Obala Group offers Höllinger juices and syrups.
Juices are in TetraPak – certified by the Austrian Vegan Society and therefore eligible to carry the V-label. Also, juices are free of preservatives, colours, artificial flavours, synthetic or chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, have high fruit and vitamin content, contain natural sugar with no added sugar. There are five different flavours: black currant, orange, peach, apricot and multi (fruit) juice.
Höllinger syrups contain ingridients from organic farming which means they are free preservatives, GMO, artificial flavours, chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. They come in tall Bordeaux glass bottle in three flavours – elderflower, lavander flower and black currant lemon.

More information about Höllinger products, on link.

Limona Extensions available in PET packagings

Limona, bottle full of the Mediterranean, has undergone a redesign of glass bottles 0,25L in 2017 and launch of flavour extensions Limona Mint, Limona Elder and Limona Ginger & Honey, which are addition to the Limona Original. Redesigned packaging highlights connectivity with the Mediterranean and the sense of the beauty of life as integral part of Limona brand. Positive feedback from the market and increased sales in the HoReCa channel triggered the expansion of activities in the Retail channel.

To enable Limona customers a sense of comfort and consumption of Limona in all circumstances, we have launched the production of Limona Mint and Limona Elder in PET bottles of 0.5L and 1.5L. Since Limona Original has been available in PET packaging since 2011, its look I also refreshed and aligned with the rest of the product line. It is important to note that Limona’s portfolio offers a slightly carbonated and non carbonated juice for consumers of all ages and affinities.

We launched the new Orangina Upside Down can

In collaboration with Orangina team, Obala Group launched the Upside Down can with innovative design to always keep Orangina flavour phenomenal. On the shelves at the stores, the new can is standing uspide down and consumers instinctively turn it on the right side when they notice that is not standard. With this, now legendary and internationally known „Shake the pulp“ act, the dormant pulp is evenly distributed inside the can making every sip the premium experience.

Pssst! New can hides regional jargon and the dialects of its customers! Did you find yours?

Limona at the presentation of the new Lei Lou collection

On March 3rd, 2018 famous Croatian designer Aleksandra Dojčinović organized an event in her stores in Zagreb and Split to present new Lei Lou collection. She gathered Croatian celebrity women, including actors, singers and models who have been faithful to her design for years. Those lovely ladies had a nice cozy evening filled with exchanged fashion advices. As the new collection was all about the summer, the perfect company for this event was Limona, our bottle full of Mediterranean – the real reminder of hot summer days. More about this event, on link.

Grazia charity Christmas magic with Limona

West gate shopping city was the place of traditional Christmas hanging. It was all about trees decoration, an event known as Grazia Designer Christmas Trees. Limona with its flavours was a real refreshment for designers who were part of this story. New taste of Limona, ginger & honey, was a special attraction. Combination of spicy ginger, honey sweet honey and freshness of lemon and lime are the main reasons why this taste is great for this part of year. Also designers had a chance to pick their favorite taste of this slightly carbonated unique drink: Original, Mint or Elder. Limona cheered up this Christmas tree decoration and brought pre-holidays spirit and joy. More about this event, on link.