FAXE is original danish beer with the tradition since 1901
Available in more than 70 countries all around the world which says a lot about the quality & the taste of danish beer brewing.
It containes the finest malt, hops & own natural spring water from underground coral reefs, for satisfing the most demanding drinkers all around the world.
Danish tradition presented in the best way.

FAXE Premium Lager 1l

  • 5% alc.
  • Ingridients: water, barley malt, hop, yeast
  • Taste: light beer with refined taste
  • USP: unique 1l can; limited edition

Logistical data

  • Pieces in carton: 12
  • Date: 15 months
  • Import from Denmark

FAXE Collectiors Edition

FAXE is celebrating its 117. anniversary with a special edition cans.
For real beer lovers Faxe presents Collectiors edition – package with 4 cans, each with a different art design.

FAXE strong 10%

For all strong men and women FAXE is presenting extra strong beer with 10% alcohol.

“No Monkey Business”,
Just Good Monkey Brews – Polar Monkeys

Polar Monkeys beer was born from Finnish marketing monkeys passion for good brews without monkey business. It took us many brews and many more tasting sessions before the dream came true. Finally, a license to brew was granted by the tribe leaders for our Nordic brewery.

The Polar Monkeys beer, as we now know it, is a ravishing result stemming from three key components: good beer made by our pros, stylish low-necked bottle found by our propeller head monkey and the merry graphics designed by our graphic monkey.
Created by Monkeys – Brewed by Pros


The fresh, laid-back member of the Monkey family. It has a light amber color and a fresh, citrus taste with a fruity, flowery scent. The crisp, balanced hopping makes Polar Monkeys Blue Collar a true thirst-quencher.

Serving temperature: 6–8 °C

Food recommendation: roast chicken, pork, mild cheese, grilled vegetables, goats cheese, burgers, crisp salads

Notice: it´s best alone for aperitives and afters:)

Logistical data 

  • Glas bottle 0,33L
  • Carton: 24 pieces
  • Pallete: 72 cartons
  • Date: 12 months


The honorable and fair member of the Monkey family.

It has a bright reddish color and delicious hoppy aroma. Polar Monkeys Chairman is an American style IPA with generous malty, hoppy taste with hint of caramel and long crispy grape fruity aftertaste.

Serving temperature: 6–8 °C
Food recommendation: Asian & exotic cuisine
Long night starter: Scandinavian curry:)

Logistical data 

  • Glas bottle 0,33L
  • Carton: 24 pieces
  • Pallete: 72 cartons
  • Date: 12 months
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