Obala Group with its Orangina brand participated in the celebration of the third birthday of Ana Radišić’s podcast “Putem oblaka powered by A1” at the Nikola Tesla Technical Museum.

With more than 2.6 million views, Ana has become one of the most influential podcasters, and her goal is to promote positive and inspiring values. She embraced the format of podcast years ago, realizing the importance of multimedia in the busy lives of individuals, which Obala Group witnesses every day in its existence.

Enjoying with Orangina

In addition to the scenographically, all the guests who enjoyed the excellent atmosphere with the performance of Marko Tolja and DJ Joe2Shine and the musical welcome of saxophonist Iva Prodan, numerous famous people also gathered in the Museum area – Aleksandra Dojčinović, Ljupka Gojić Mikić , Ante Vrban, Matija Vuica, Tihana Harapin Zalepugin, Anđa Marić, Martin Sinković, Lucija Lugomer, Ivan Alduk, Tara Thaller, Josipa Pavičić, Jelena Pajić, Lana Gojak Bajt, Vanda Winter, Ogi Antunac, Lana Pavić, Mirjana Mikulec, Mirna Maras Batinic, Uršula Tolj, Kristina Krepela, Pedro Soltz, Joško Lokas, Bojan Jambrošić, Lovro Juraga, Renata Sopek, Zoran Šprajc, Petra Kurtela, Željko Bebek, Ivan Pažanin, Andrea Andrassy, ​​Dalibor Petko, Adrian De Vrgna, Damira Gregoret, Tomo Ricov , Boris Banović, Damir Kedžo, Tomislav Jelinčić, Ivana Kindl, Marco Cuccurin, Jelena Glišić, Marija Jerneić, Igor Barberić, Gina Damjanović, Neven Ciganović, Tomislav Petranović, Nera Stipičević and completed the experience with the refreshing flavors of Orangina.

In addition to fitting perfectly into the ambiance of the symbolically chosen location, Orangina identified with the story that Ana has been successfully building with her podcast for three years – she inspires and contributes to the promotion of positive values ​​and a better today for each of us. Have a look at the video below to see how much fun we had 🙂