Through exactly one quarter of a century, Obala Group has positioned itself as a recognizable importer, distributor and beverage producer, focusing on premium and mid-premium products. Brands like Orangina, Spezi, San Pellegrino, Moet Hennessy, Campari, Rockstar, Franklin & Sons and our own brand Limona are just a small part of the history that has contributed to our rich experience.

The experience, built through 25 years of strategic orientation, has opened up new opportunities that have led to expansion of business to a new segment within the FMCG industry – packaged food.

We select packaged food products based on the price sensitivity of the market and increasing consumer demands for quality. Brands like RUF, Deroni, Hosta, Nippon, Inserdorfer and Burger are just the first step in satisfying the clear demands of the market.

High quality German sweets and preparations for desserts at affordable prices make the core of RUF.

Deroni puts the focus on fine vegetable preparations that are made by traditional recipes of vegetables grown in their own gardens.

Burger line of crackers and toasts brings together products that emphasize the naturalness and care of nutritional habits.

Inserdorfer’s finished and semi-finished dishes are a quick response to life when time is crucial, but not at the cost of quality of everyday dining.

Hosta products (Nippon, Mr. Tom, Mr. Jim …) with peanuts or rice and chocolate are recognizable desserts with a long tradition and a large base of loyal consumers.