In Obala Groups range, from recently, you can find one of the worlds most popular energy drink – Rockstar Energy Drink. Rockstar energy drink is designed for all those who lead active lifestyle – from athelets to rockstars. Made for people in search for additional energy for sport, fun or work 24/7. For them energy means possibility to express themselves & live the complete experience.

Founded in 1998 by Russell Weiner the son of conservative talkshow host Michael Savage. Rockstar launched into what was the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. beverage market at the time, energy drinks. By 2008. it became one of the top 3 energy drinks in the world with leading position in US. Unique by its original 500ml and more than 20 flavours, Rockstar energy drink is available in more than 30 countries, from this year in Croatia & Slovenia. In real rockstar style, rockstar energy drink is sponsor of extreme sports, rock musicians & gaming projects.

Party like a rockstar!