Original Spezi

Spezi has been the favourite fizzy drink of our German relatives and friends for more than 60 years.

The original German Spezi is a synonym for a seemingly incompatible mixture of cola and orange juice. Its taste is widely recognized, as well as its unique logo – two halves of an orange.


Friend for life!

Spezi honours friendship and the joy of everyday life. A collage on the Spezi packaging is a reminder of how important it is to have a “friend for life”, but more importantly, to be a friend for life! Spezi wants to be a part of your team, so – save one more place at your table!

More than 60 years of friendship!

Das Original – The History of Spezi

In 1956, the production of ‘Spezi’ beer started in Augsburg, Germany. In Bavarian dialect, the name means ‘a good friend’. In that same period, Riegele brewery became a pioneer in producing a new non-alcoholic beverage. As the brewery managers noticed people increasingly ordering a mixture of cola and orange juice, they simply used the already existing name – ‘Spezi’ to christen the new drink.

Shortly after, its popularity spread outside of Germany. In the eighties, a handmade mix of cola and orange juice was a favourite combination in every part of Yugoslavia, thanks to a large number of guest workers who had brought the recipe from Germany.

Spezi has been available on our market for several years now. The redesign of the Spezi packaging of 0.33L glass bottle as well as the launch of the two new types of packaging, PET 1.5L and PET 0.5L, call for socializing, laughter and friendship!

Logistics data

Spezi XL 0,33 L

Packaging: 20 glass bottles in a carton
Pallet: 70 cartons

Spezi 0,50 L PET

Packaging: 12 bottles in a carton
Pallet: 108 cartons

Spezi 1,50 L PET

Packaging: 6 bottles in a carton
Pallet: 76 cartons