Can you think of at least one friend who is always in a good mood and enough (un)serious to not take life too seriously? The thought itself had already made you smile, right? With them, the most common social gathering like barbecuing or drinks after the work becomes memorable moment for years.

This is exactly where inspiration for Spezi is born, a favorite drink of our relatives and friends from Germany. You may have heard about the mixture of cola and orange juice, but the Spezi by the original German recipe is a lot more than what we lacked in the absence of the “right thing. Juicy orange and refreshing cola are a seemingly incompatible refreshing sensation! Behind the Spezi stands Obala Group, which has the exclusive licence to produce and distribute Spezi in the Adriatic region.

Spezi in PET packagings of 0,5 L and 1,5 L gives honour to friendship, joy, and everyday little things. Collage on the Spezi packaging is a reminder of how important it is to have a “friend for life”, but more importantly, to be a friend for life! Spezi, whose start is back in 1956, wants to be a part of your team, so – save one more place at your table!

Spezi is also available in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops in an enlarged (XL) 0.33 litre glass bottle. Three variations of the design show moments that will make you smile. So, the next time you see Spezi with a slogan “A Friend for Life” at a store or cafe shop, call your best friends and share Spezi-al experience with them!