Original German “ʃpetsi” is a synonym for a mixture of cola and orange juice.

The original SPEZI has been available on the German market since 1956.

Obala Group is the licensee of the original Spezi brand with the approval of the owner of that license, RIEGELE KG – DEUTSCHLAND.

True experts far and wide recognize its original flavor and its unique logo – two orange halves – which has been a synonym for quality and originality for over 50 years.


There are many mixed beverages, but there is only one ORIGINAL Spezi. It is a refreshing juice made of orange and lemon with the addition of cola, cold pressed mandarin oil and many other little secrets that offers a unique fruit flavor!

Spezi is a carbonated beverage uniquely positioned between cola beverages and carbonated fruit beverages.

The History of Spezi – Das Original

From beer to one of the most famous non-alcoholic beverages in the last 50 years.

“A good friend” for summer refreshment is coming to Croatia.

Interestingly, Spezi used to be a brand of beer, starting in 1956 in the Riegele Brewery in Augsburg. The first Spezi was beer; today it is one of the most famous soft drinks in the world. It is made from orange and lemon juice, cola and mandarins and many other little secrets that can be found today only in Spezi, Das Original.

Many people do not even know that Spezi has a meaning that is very symbolic in this context. To be more specific, in the Bavarian dialect Spezi means “a good friend,” and beer was always considered a social product, that is, a product that was almost always consumed in good company. Today, the name “Spezi” is protected, but it still reflects the atmosphere of pleasant socializing with a refreshing drink.

During this period, Riegele was among the first breweries to develop the parallel production of non-alcoholic beverages. Realizing that guests in their restaurants were asking for a mixed drink made from cola and orange juice, after which large amounts of beverage remained and this required additional effort by the hosts, managers came up with the idea of offering a ready-made mixed beverage with cola and orange flavor that carried the already existing name of Spezi. Its success was enormous and the original Spezi cola-orange, as we call it today, was created. Completely by chance, the masters from the Riegele Brewery had created a new hit beverage that went from Germany to other European countries, including Croatia. Spezi was known in Dalmatia precisely as a mixed drink, and it reached the height of its fame in the 1980s, the years of good music, tights, high stockings, big hair and fantastic fun.

Because of the great demand and the limited capacity of the brewery, they decided to find partners who would produce Spezi under license. In 1977, they founded the association Spezi Markengetränkeverband Deutschland e.V., whose board of managers consisted of volunteer members. It was run by a director and a small administrative staff. Thus, the original recipe was kept, and Riegele succeeded in achieving an optimal product appearance, advertising and improved sales. To strengthen further the licensed producers of Spezi, the partners founded a cartel of small and medium-sized companies in 1986.

spezi-povijestTwo years later, the association launched the first Original Spezi Cola-Orange television commercial, while the recognizability of the beverage was improved by its unique packaging – their own original Spezi Cola-Orange packaging.

In the spring of 2001, they launched the legendary campaign, “Spezi ist Spitze”, with the slogan “Spezi…da ist Saft drin!” that, first of all, communicated the taste of the beverage and also improved the value of the brand.

Today, the association has been operating for over 35 years and it allows eight powerful family-owned companies to operate successfully on the German market.

This summer, Spezi is coming to Croatia for the first time, with the slogan Das Original. Although Spezi was popular as a mixed drink among the generation that was the trendsetter in the 1980s, they did not have an opportunity to taste Spezi Das Original, unless they had a family in Germany. This retro beverage, which brings us back to our youth, is coming to cafés again, bringing along the irresistible atmosphere of the 1980s. It will also certainly intrigue the younger generations that will soon give into that lighthearted mood.

Logistic data

spezi-logistika ORIGINAL 0,33 L
Package: 20 bottles in carton
Pallet: 70 cartons



So far they have visited all regions of Croatia, but also, they have been patrolling in neighboring countries, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro. They were putting smiles on the faces of the people, refreshing them with Spezi, and getting the attention of both, children and adults. Whether day or night, all the consumers had the opportunity to spin the wheel of fortune with our hostesses, and win one of the interesting prizes.

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