Maison Villevert

Based in Cognac, southwestern France, Maison Villevert is a family run company, custodian of a mindset that dates back to the Renaissance.
Inspired by grapes and the french art de vivre, Maison Villevert’s teams invent, package and build premium brands to make them shine around the world.

Company promotes self-respect, respect for our teams, for the environment, and for tradition, whilst also upholding our convictions and allowing certainties, habits and conventions to be questioned.


Inspired by France, its tradition and creativity, Jean-Sebastian Robicquet created G’Vine – the original French gin crafted from grapes.

Created on a Maison Villevert, a 16th century family estate in the heart of Cognac country, G’Vine relies on the local and ancestral know-how of distillation to reinvent the gin category. It’s a smooth and round gin which evokes the very essence of springtime in the vineyards, when the air is filled with the fragrance of the blossoming flowers.

Authentic celebration of the unconventional, G’Vine inspires those who dare and innovate and, thanks to its uniqueness, this gin will surprise both connoisseurs and those new to gin.

Grapes are the perfect canvas to enhance the complexity and smoothness of the botanicals of G’Vine: ginger roots, cassia bark, liquorice, juniper berries, green cardamon, coriander, vine flower, lime, nutmeg and cubeb berries.

Among these, a new ingredient is the vine flower that embellishes the vineyard with its delicate fragrance only a few days a year. The essence of this hand-picked flower and those of aromatic plants are then assembled in a single copper still, dubbed Lily Fleur. This ultimate distillation brings G’Vine freshness and unparalleled roundness.

Just 10 years after its launch in 2006, it became the world’s third super-premium gin and truly embodies the creativity and the modern French art de vivre.

A multiple international competition prize-winner, G’Vine is a forerunner of the rise of premium gin in the 21st century.

Such quality and recognition stem from the use of grapes, which provide a smooth and full mouth feel, along with delicate and fresh grape flowers.
This combination makes G’Vine resolutely modern and seductive and it is now considered the epitome of elegance in the gin world.

Brand values:

  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Luxury
  • Sophistication
  • Elegance
  • Freedom of expression
  • Mischievousness
  • Playful


A refreshing Gin & Tonic

40 ml of G’Vine Floraison
200 ml tonic premium

Fill a large wineglass with ice.
Stir the ice cubes with a spoon and remove the excess water.
Pour 40 ml of G’Vine gin.
Add a premium tonic and decorate with some white grapes.

Logistic data


700 ml
40% of alcohol

Package: 6 bottles
Palette: 80 packages

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal

Created in 2013 at the dawn of the vermouth renaissance, La Quintinye Vermouth Royal is the only vermouth made crafted from Pineau de Charentes and the infusions of 37 plants (including Artemisia).

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal pays tribute to the delicious and extravagant time of Versailles where abundance was celebrated during sumptuous feasts. Born in the era of the Charentes terroir, where Monsieur de La Quintinye was born, La Quintinye Vermouth Royal is a French vermouth with rich and opulent aromas. Its unique blend of Pineau des Charentes brings roundness and intensity to each of the three expressions.

The La Quintinye Vermouth Royal range shares a common aromatic palette of 12 botanicals:
Artemisia (essential to Vermouth), the vine flower (Maison Villevert signature), angelica and iris root (typical botanicals of the Charente) but also cardamom, quinine, citrus aurantium, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, liquorice and quassia amara.

Its name is a reference to the famous agronomist born in Chabanais in 1626, commissioned by King Louis XIV’s gardener, Le Nôtre, to design the Sun King’s botanical garden.

La Quintinye transports us to Versailles, to a world where joie de vivre and opulence reign supreme.

Le Blanc

La Quintinye Royal Vermouth Blanc is made from a selection of wines and Pineau des Charentes blanc, a unique component in its category.
A total of 18 botanicals is used to produce La Qiuntinye Vermouth Blanc.

Colour: light gold
Bouquet: fresh and lively with floral and citrus aromas which give way to succulent aromas provided by the Pineau
Palate: elegant and smooth with ripe yellow fruits and brioche aromas, which meld seamlessly with slowly developing bitterness and spice.

Served fresh as aperitif or on ice, with a chilled orange zest.
An exquisite complement in a Royal Vesper.

L’ Extra Dry

La Quintinye Royal Vermouth Extra Dry is made from a selection of wines and Pineau des Charentes blanc, a unique component in its category.
A total of 27 botanicals is used to produce La Qiuntinye Vermouth Extra Dry.

Colour: dappled gold
Bouquet: floral – with balanced spiced flavours, blending liquorice and anise aromas
Palate: fresh and lively with floral and citrus notes that evolve into a luscious finish provided by the Pineau

Sumptuous as an ingredient in classic cocktails such as the Royal Dry Martini.

Le Rouge

La Quintinye Royal Vermouth Rouge is made from a selection of wines and Pineau des Charentes blanc, a unique component in its category.
A total of 28 botanicals is used to produce La Qiuntinye Vermouth Rouge.

Colour: deep amber red with an intense shine
Bouquet: well-balanced yet powerful with liquorice, prune and vanilla flavours, enveloped by chocolate-toffee notes
Palate: rich and intense with caramel, burnt vanilla and warm spiced notes, which evolve to a long-lasting finish.

Served chilled or on ice, with an orange zest.
A wonderful ingredient for cocktails, especially in the Negroni a la Francaise or a Martinez Royal.

Logistic data


750 ml
16% of alcohol

Package: 6 bottles
Palette: 456 packages


750 ml
16% of alcohol

Package: 6 bottles
Palette: 456 packages


750 ml
16% of alcohol

Package: 6 bottles
Palette: 456 packages